Sep 30, 2010

I care.....

The British Ministry of Defence is investigating the death of a young Afghan girl who died after being hit by a box of leaflets dropped by the RAF.

It seems this is truely the definition of irony.... we try to help... but then we just fuk them up.  But realy on a deeper level the MOST ironic thing about this is that you dont care!

Have you guys seen FOREST GUMP!!??

OmG, its such a great film!!, i fully cried my eyes out like i was a baby, that film is SO GREAT, omg, im in tears as i write this post, i got a copy of it yesterday and iv watched it 14 times !! 14 times!!!, iv stoped playing wow and eating - the two most stable occurences of my day, hell im gonna watch it again...

Sep 29, 2010

wots ur puter?

i have:
Dell Studio 15 laptop
Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 @ 2.26Ghz
Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series

simply put...

Im soRy i reaLY thiNK itS WorTH A MeNtioN

for real, give it some time, it might sound crap and boring at first but believe me, I NEVER LURK WITHOUT IT ....

im annoyed with facebook

is facebook the most self indulgent phenomenon ever? people write shit like, ''my baby spewed on my shoulder, eeeEEEwww''
and they get 'DAVE and four others like this post'
and 'john says 'eeewww'
mary goes 'ugh babies, you love them or you hate them'
all the time im reading it wondering where these people get their enthusiasm from? were we always this drab?

Sep 28, 2010


HI yehaa, iv started a new blog today, kikass. where's it going? who knows? but its gon beee phun