Nov 16, 2010

pushing boundaries III - shpongle

Everybody loved Enigma and Deep Forest, I know most of you over the age of 25 can rememeber singing away to some african lyric and dancing to the funky world beatz. But at the same time was a revolution in the hippy movement who were begining to embrace electronic music.
LSD was still a prime influence in music creation and psychedellic trance was born from this and the relatively new rave scene.
Simon Posford, the man behind the 'halucinogen' - argueably the first mainstream psy-trance act, joined forces with Raja Ram - a rave enthusiast and dj of the new psy scene, to create Shpongle - an amazing link to the psy-chill era.
From Shpongle came a plethora of new sounds and techiniques in chill-out music and made its way to being one of my top played artists in my colection.


  1. sweet video and little monster

  2. i dont think il believe i just heard that

  3. I should check out Enigma, never heard of them.

    The video goes really well with the song imo. I like that the video had a story to tell, even though it was really weird. I wanted to hear some tribal language though :(

  4. Wow, I really love that video. Best thing I've seen come from Youtube in a while, honest.

    Can't wait for another update, and thanks for this one!

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