Dec 7, 2010

MOAR SLOTHS!! you say?

since my sloth/blog infatuation began last week iv now decided that i realy want a sloth... away with cats they can run too fast and get pissed off too easy. sloths make cats look like arseholes...simply. but they are as cudly and as cute... aggreed?

Dec 4, 2010

Dec 1, 2010


ALAS, with a vote of 5 for peter and a vote of 5 for stan, WE HAVE A DRAW!!!! AARAGGAHAHHHHH!!!!!!!!      im by no means a liberal at heart but is coolness to see a 50/50 split cos it means A BETTER FIGHT!!! AARGHHH!!!!

woteva, shutup koko,

SO, today things are realy gonna kik off when we pitch a SLOTH!! AGAARHAHH with JENIFER ANISTON..... argh. that realy is how jenifer aniston looks like irl, im telling you....