Nov 23, 2010

YAY wow downloader problems AGAIN

Imagine you pay per month to use a service but every two months you lose a week due to technical problems caused by that service. wouldnt you expect some rebate???

no you wouldn't, cos it's blizzard fucking up again...

sorry for boring post... spending too much time resolving said issue.

here is a vagina fish:


  1. Well, I resolved my WoW issues by not playing any more. Been a year since I played and I don't miss it a bit! GL with your downloader...

  2. "my downloader doesnt know there is a patch.... i open the launcher, hit play, logon, it tells me i need a patch. hit restart, downloader opens, tells me warcraft is up-to-date. <this repeats intself over and over."
    Delete WTF\
    Delete WoW.tfil

  3. Man. I feel that. They should at least give you all free time.

  4. Feel your pain there bud. I loved the way City of Heroes did theirs. They would post the updates like a week early and you could let your pc DL them after you were finished playing. And you normally didnt have to do it all at once.

  5. sucks when companies screw u around

  6. why cant blizzard give you a free week?

  7. Although I don't play WoW, I hear about this from its players on a regular basis.